Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bad news

got into work today and heard some bad news, the man who complained to my boss yesterday Alan Johnson, his wife Cindy committed suicide. I only hope that Alan managed to give her the good news about the negative results before she passed away, hopefully she could have died a little happier. my condolances go out to Alan and his 2 children. on a lighter note i found this film of john leslie which is nice http://www.youthofbritain.com/chicks/uk.html


At 10:30 pm, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

sorry to hear about ytour bad day roger, but i thought i should email you in your blogging as you like discos and feet oh and you are looking for a girlfriend. if you like what i have just said to you then have a look at my new blogging site thingy - it not brill but i only found out about blogging today from my friend sonia as in sonia like the girl married to paulines sone in eastenders, sonia. I mean not the actual sonia from eastenders, just that my friends name is the same as hers - sonia. http://trinadingle.blogspot.com

At 11:19 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

what do you look like trina?

At 10:22 am, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

wow. at last you replied. ha ha lol.
i was checking my mail a lot to see if you would email me but you didnt.

i am about 5ft3 and have brown hair shaped into a bob. i have blue eyes. a few freckles. i am of medium build. iwear glasses, but only for far away.

what about you roger, what do you look like? are you handsome? i don't mind if you are not. i like men with a sense of homour and ones who have a good personality. handsome is just a bonus if it comes along. you sound like you are handsome anyway.

i like the pictures on your websiteblog. that man with the beard is funny. he looks a bit like my dad except my dad doesnt have a beard.

my dad is off sick today and is parading around the house in his underwear. silly git. he thinks he is really cool in his pants, but i think he looks like a nob. does your dad walk around the house in his underwear?


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