Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Madge Weinstein update

Madge wienstein has made a very nice podcast about jack la lange aftr i emailed her a question.

Roger Smalls on Yeast Radio

sorry for not updating last night only i went to the gymnasium.


At 11:54 am, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

hi roger,

just wondered why you haven't messaged me in a while. Is everything ok? I really would like to be your email buddy as you sound so interesting.

Please, Please reply ....


At 1:22 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hi trina dingle

To prolong Candles humble span, freeze them for a few hours before burning. They stay alight for much longer, perhaps due to increased cold power.

Hope this helps.

roger smalls

At 8:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Roger, that is a great tip. However, I don't burn my candles as I am a collector. Do you collect anythingt? Apart from the keyringsy, that is. Did anyone notice that you poohed your pants? My Dad poohed his pants once. My Mum got it on her top lip and it looked like a mostache.

At 9:29 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hello anonymous

noone noticed the accident as a held the waterbottle over my bottom to cover it. i collect a lot of things, mainly snow globes and keyrings but also trinkets from people. i have 5 shevles of snow globes and some of them play tunes when you wind them up.


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