Thursday, November 03, 2005

i;ll podcast soon!

i;m so busy doing overtime that i havent realy had much time to podcast.

the process goes..

-if something troubles me i;ll record something on my phone
- if i forget anything i;ll append it on my phone. annoyed that it beeps when i press the start/stop button but cant turn it off.
- when i get time i plug the phone into the pc and use the nokia suite to copy the voicenotes file over
- i convert the file into mp3
- i write details of the mp3 in propertys.adam always says to add the email address so i do.
- i then wait around an hour for it to copy to the server, meanwhile i am perusing though google images for tarts. larger images make everything slower, sometimes 1.5 hours.
-write the filename in blogger with my thoughts and hay presto! its midnight and 108 people are happy!

i must sleep. my thoughts betray me to do other things but i must fight them and stay in the house tonight.



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