Monday, July 09, 2007

Please vote for my poem!

i have an email from simon toon from the slamidol podcast, he asks for you to vote for your favorite poem. here are the details from the email;;

The voting is open on Slam Idol contest 18. It's a video contest,
and the contestants are:

"No More Flan for Fatty" by Roger Smalls performed by Madge Weinstein
"Suicide Note: Bank Manager Lament" by Mat Lloyd
"Everyday" by Mike McGee
"Snow and Ice" by Don Schaeffer
"Hypocrites" by Paul Reyno
"I am whatever colour you see" by Dreadlock Alien

There is a round-up show which can be viewed here:

This show has 40-second excerpts of all 6 poems, to help you decide how many marks out of ten you'd like to award each poem.

Please remember it is important for you to vote fairly for all 6 poems. If you do not award proper votes for all 6 poems then your vote will be discarded.

Please spread the word! The AUDIO promo is available in MP3 format

The VIDEO promo is available on

YouTube ( ) and
MySpace ( ).

Please email me if you'd like the original M4V file to mix into
your own video podcast.

Subscribe to the video feed, watch the videos in full, and vote now

please vote at simons site. also congratulations to simon for the birth of his infant child.


At 10:22 pm, Anonymous Alex - Podcast Junky said...

Hi Roger, hope you are well.

Roger, I've taken the liberty of reviewing your podcasts at my blog at

I've been a fan for quite a while and even today I was listening to your podcasts while I was out walking my dog and I was laughing out aloud may times and getting strange looks from other people.

Great podcasts, great stuff and great fun. Please feel free to leave a comment at

Kind regards



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