Sunday, December 26, 2010

computers for africa scam

i have a new computer for christmas from my mum who i love so i am now back online. It is a net book and has usb, trackpad and norton antivirus. The keys are very close together making it hard to write but i feel this may improve when i pratice. I have not been been able to use a proper computer for a very long while now so it is nice to check for the latest emails and pornography without going to the public library.

my last computer became so slow due to all the spam so i donated it to a computer charity for needy children in africa, i now realize that i am victim of a scam as the africans have already starting using my old computer to spam my new one.


today i got an email addressed from myself today telling me ive won the lottery which was strange. Here is an explination of the way the scam works;

  • 1:nigerians send you lots spam

  • 2:your computer slows right down and becomes useless

  • 3:you respond to an advert in the local paper asking for spare computers for needy people in africa

  • 4: man comes round to your house, picks up your computer and posts this to nigeria

  • 5:go to step 1

dont buy
I plead with all 59 readers of my blog to not fall for the same scam and loose their expensive computers and contribute to the ever growing spam problem. But the good thing is i have new computer which is the best chrismas present i have had ever for a long time.i will be restoring all my old files and clearing broken images on my blog before going back to work and surfing the interenet from the toilet.

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At 7:47 am, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...

Great to see you back, Roger - welcome once more to the weird and wonderful world of internet pornography. Oh, and to the weird and wonderful world of Nigerian spam. Top tip: You will find it easier to type on the keyboard if you grow your fingernails long and then cut them into a wizard's hat shape and type with the pointy ends of the nails. Merry Xmas, Roger!


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