Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I really hate smallvile. its just dawsons creak with capes. except you dont event get that many super hero action things. i much prefer the films, especially superman episode 2. my favourite is nog, the one with the beard. especially when he trys to set that snake on fire with his laser eyes.

this is a nice photo of nog holding a railing

This picture is very frightnening if you get up close to the computer screen and look at his eyes. imagine those strong super hands grabbing you. you would never get away.

I would really like this doll of nog.

i also like otis, he is really funny espcially in the first superman. i also saw him in this other film called deliverance where he got chased around in mud in his underpants.


At 7:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your information, Nog is holding a rocket propelled grenade in the picture. You refer to it as a "rail". If you had paid attention to the movie, more than your popcorn you would have known this. Also, Smallville is one of the most ingenious spins ever put on the super hero genre. It tells a story which is not well defined by the comics. Therefore they can do all sorts of neat story lines.

At 6:20 pm, Anonymous jokersmiles said...

I agree in it being ingenious for a few reasons. 1- the introduction of Clark Kents abilities coming with age and maturity as of opposed to full fledged super kid the second he lands on earh. 2- The friendship between Clark and Lex, opens up the window for their rivalry to have more depth and substance(Superman knowing who Lex Luthor is, or even visa-versa) especially with Lionel being in the picture and all the events Lex faces, it gives more backround as to how and why Lex is who is is who he is as he slowly takes his journey into the dark side, which Michael Rosenbaum does an excellent job at portraying. 3- You can't expect all the great "superhero" stuff you expect to be relevant in a show presenting the precursor to superman and the journey that made him who he is. He clearly faces decisions that evolve from "daisey do-littles" to more mature and adult based decisions that revolve around a teenager who mind you has a boyscout concience and super powers. The show is the journey to, not the heroism after. If you want all the "super hero action things", watch the movies and quit complaining. Mind if you have actually watched the show, there is plenty of good stuff

At 3:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG.........! I cant believe you said that about smallville!!!! That is the best freakin show on the face of the planet!!! Not only is that the best show in the whole galaxy Superman is the best Superhero in THE ENTIRE FREAKIN' WORLD!!!! And by the way Dawson's Creek Was one of the greatest and longest running shows on T.V.!! SO YOU JUST GAVE SMALLVILLE A COMPLIMENT!!!! (There is plenty of superhero action. Smallville is about superman growing up and accepting/finding out new powers!!!)He hasn't totaly become superman yet!!!! DUH!!!!


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