Thursday, March 24, 2005

bring you daughters to work day

why oh why do some collegues think that an office full of people trying to work would have any interest in their screaming little kid? the office is no place for a baby, just as a nursery is no place for a group of adults who are trying to work in peace.

work has seased completly for the last 1 hour becuase a little brat is dribbling, crawling around on the floor and wetting its pants, and we all have to move stuff out of harms way.

1 hour x 14 people = 28 man hours work wasted.

if anyone says 'isnt she cute' anymore i will scream! and why are peoples babies always '3 months ahead' of everyone elses? and whats the obsession with how much someone wieghs when they are born? noone gives a toss how heavy someone is when they die.

next time someone wants to bring their daughter to work make sure they are over 18 years old, and i'll be the one dribbling, crawling around on the floor and wetting my pants.

Evil spawn of satan

Come back when you look like this (ignore the ones on the far left and far right)


At 5:16 pm, Anonymous WLB :>) said...

Rog, you are absolutely right on, and terribly funny. Love reading your blog and hearing your 'cast...

WLB :>)


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