Monday, March 21, 2005

it only takes one bad apple

ipods for geeks

ipods for shoppers

ipods for buildings

ipods for groups

ipods for cars

ipods for the poor

ipods for the rich

ipods for everyone


i am saving up to buy an mp3 player, not sure what type yet - if everyone has an ipod and apple tells me to think differently then surely i would be better to buy something else? i have already made up my mind i think anyway...

i went into virgin megastore recently with a friend and commented to them about the double price of the ipods in britan compared to america and that it seems unfair to have to pay so much. as i walked away the apple representive repeated what i said to her friend in a mocking tone and called me an tight arsehole behind my back (incase you didnt know - hearing aids help the wearer hear things better - not worse). i didnt want to say anything becuase i am quite shy and didnt want to maake a scene , howevr since then it has been going over and over in my head and really getting to me. for that reason i have decided not to buy any apple products because in some small way my hard earned money is going towards paying her wages.

in my opionion if a company employee mistreats you , rather than simply bite your lip - instead try not shopping with them any more. i have been purposefully splashed by a parcel force van and almost run over - so i dont use them at work for the external post anymore . because my job involves posting a lot of samples by mail and corrier every day this has cost them a great deal of money. i dont think the uk has got its customer services in order, even when someone is wearing the uniform but not working they still represent the company.

it looks like i'll be thinking differently.

please apple owners dont send me spam and abuse, i am not telling anyone else not to buy apple products, nor am i saying that apples are a bad type of walkman or computer. i thought i would share with you why i wont be buying an apple but i am sure they are great computers.

does anyone else have an opinion or advice for handling matters and situations like this? writing to companies complaining doesnt help so i thought not giving them money might somehow get them to sort their act out.


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