Monday, March 14, 2005

Catching up

You can't hurry love sang potato headed Phil Collins on the radio today. thats rubbish. I releaved myself in less than three minutes in macdonalds toilets this morning in a rush and it was nice. its not my fastest time though.

liar - phil

sorry for not keeping in toutch everyone, i have been stripped of my modem internet connection!!!! i got home from town and tryed to use the internet but it just kept saying to contact customer services. of cource customer services are shut on saturday afternoons, and sundays too, so i am now having to use my work computer to catch up on all my emails, but it is a lot faster. i have just phoned customer services and a nice man called rajib says i have gone over my free dialup limit for the month so i have to pay extra, i think it means that becuase the podcasts i am listening to are so big they are using up what i am allowed. i usually just download video clips but since the podcasting has turned up i download a lot more. the people who make the shows should maybe do an alternate xml button for poeple with modems. feels strange not having internet, the last time i used the internet was friday night but it seems like christmas. its funny how when you want to look something up but cant it really bugs you.


i have loads to tell you all anyway and will post up some photos tonight of my weekend when i connect my phone to my computer. i brought a few things at the friary center including a new snow globe from the disney store (i'll take a picture tonight). i like the disney store because they always employ a nice smily girl to stand on the front door and hug everyone. whenever i am lonely and sad i always go in there a few times to feel wanted. its a shame that all the current disney films are crap though as they get computers to do all there films these days rather than artists.

the last good film i saw from walt disney was flight of the navigator.

Looking forward to the new album from daft punk as i saw an advert for it on the tv last saturday night and it sounded great.

daft punk - around the world , probably the best music video ever made.

oh. dont use internet banking with lloyds tsb as it goes wrong and your branch wont do anything to help and it ends up costing you time and money. they do it on purpose to charge you more.

my bank manager


At 10:50 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

i would like to add that it is my opionon of lloyds tsb and not an endorsement or recomendation for any other bank. to be quite honest they are all as bad as each other and i posted that in a bad mood becuase of the poor customer service i recieved. maybe they were having a bad day too. i dont know. its not worth sueing me lloyds. really. you should know.


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