Sunday, March 06, 2005

Roger Smalls Red Hot Ballards

I have just finished uploading my first podcast - THANKS DARREN!!!! i recorded it the other day and it has been sitting around for ages until my mate dazza was able to come round and help me with the internet things. if you go to you can upload your own podcasts and link to them from the blog. you also need a program called MP3 tag editor as well to write the correct titles on the mp3s. i have it all ritten down if anyone wants to know how i do this podcast.

anyway, my show notes are as follows:

  • me talking and introduction
  • sarah
  • me talking again about sarah
  • sad cafes
  • me talking about sad cafes and diarear
  • how do i get a loan
  • me talking about banks and my packard bell computer
  • broken wings
  • me talking. details about the ladies that i like. if anyh girls like me then please send your photos to . no biffas or moonpigs.
  • waiting for girls music
  • me finishing up. please send your comments to my show by clicking on the comments button.
  • black velvet.

you can download roger smalls red hot ballards here or use the ipodder program to automaticly copy the mp3 file onto your pc.

hope you enjoy the show. please send me your show ideas or any requests and i will incoprate them in thee next show or just let me know what you think (ladys...!!!!). also please continue to listen to madge wienstien, falco and adam curry as they are better at things than me.


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