Friday, March 04, 2005

Madge Weinstein down the tubes

my opinion of madge is she has gone downhill sinse she has done a phone in show as she no longer relys on her thoughts about things but instead relys on phoning people up. most of them are drug addicts too and it is a shame that she does this as i think it promotes drugs and makes them sound cool and funny when they arent.

io suppose that she has every right to say what she wants, just as i am saying what i want here, but a lot of young impressonable poeple listne to her show.

but what would i know? maybe i should try drugs out and do a report for her with me taking them although my doctor says this may be a probkem with my pills. i dont know and i am now really confused. i want to do what all the cool people do but other people tell me not to.

this man might have taken drugs and imaging the rabit


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