Thursday, March 10, 2005


i would really like to improve the sound quality of my podcasts and would aslso like to stay portable. i have been looked around on the web and have found a nice 'portable studio' that has everything that i need. a nice microphone, a tape recorder AND cd player to play back my music, and also has a loud speaker so i can play my things out in public. it also has a little trolley so i can easliy take it out. i cant find anything on the web about an "eyeriver" but everyone seenms to record on them, i also dont think it plays back music either. i think is exacly what i need and it has over 30 hours of recording time. sady they are £1994 pounds which puts them out of the leegue of most podcasters but if i want to take quality seriously then i better get saving...


At 9:56 pm, Blogger Fausto Fernos said...

God that post is hilarious. You know, Victoria Lamarr REALLY did get her start as a homeless street performer. Thats where the Vietnamese mafia discovered her and hired her to sing the lead for their all asian band. Victoria Lamar is the REAL Hedwdig and the Angry Inch. (except for the sex change part)


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