Thursday, March 10, 2005

Roger Smalls weekly emails

been very busy this evening but though i would spend 5 minutes recording a quick podcast show just going over some emails that i recieved. i also introduce the 2 next podcasts which are the 2 files that i emailed madge wienstein for her show to play about speeddating and english pubs incase you missed them. i will be spending more time soon recording a lot more shows and audio comments for shows.

shownotes :

  • introduction
  • an email from miss cara seals
  • an email from mr jerry youngblood
  • interlude
  • introdcution to the next podcasts

i know the last bit is a lot of talking crap, but if you ever listen to commercal radio they all do the same. i relise now that i didnt really have any decent emails to read out, please feel free to send me anything, i'll read it out.

if you want to help please send me some comments about this podcast. i cant help the quality but am currently shoping around for some equiptment.


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