Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Adam Curry prediction

Hi there everyone. I was searching for Adam Curry porn this evening and this news story cropped up...

'Adam Curry Predicts Podcast Porn Explosion'

Now this upsets me becasue i predicted that very same thing back in March this year in my blog:-

'podcasting for porn'

Now adam mentioned on one of his shows that he looked at my blog, probably egosurfing, and came across my idea for this fantastic new (sorry 7 month old) way of getting smut flicks onto your hard disc while you sleep. Then he goes onto the Podcasting News website days later and makes a press release about it. Now i know how Cussons felt when Dave Winer claimed he invented soap. I feel plaguerised and I could have made a lot of money by now and been the Hew Heffner of the podcasting grot world.

"Porn is just going to be huge," Curry commented in a recent Daily Source Code podcast.

I could have told him that too. It already is. Looking at how my hard disc space is distributed, it definatly is huge. The person who can make mucky videos the same size as audio files will be a rich man thats for sure. When i email people with ideas instead of ignoring them they should read them, he has had several emails in the past about pornography from me and never replied - not even a thankyou in the strategy cast.

Apple's latest iPods include support for video playback, including video podcasts that can be made and distributed by anyone with an Internet connection.

i dont think the ipod video idea will take off, although i'd prefer to watch salt rain videos than clips of Bono singing on one. the trouble is that who wants to watch pervy videos on a tiny little screen? its hard enough getting excited about the naked girl nokia screensaver without sqwinting and having that stupid toilet attendent start knocking on the asking personal questions again, so how is joe public going to put up with paying £400 for a video ipod then pay £1.99 for a 30 second clip of some prettygirl whipping her duds off from the itunes music store. i bet apple will be cashing in.

adam curry, i'm upset at this blatent ripoff but forgive you. you owe me though if you are reading this. probably not. but there we go.


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