Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Daily Source Code

Wow! Adam Curry played an audio comment that i sent him warning him about making petrol out of vegetables just like in all the dreams and i am very happy. if his car engine resembles my guts today then he'll be pulling into a layby every 5 minutes to dump oil on the road. i hate eating vegetables. i hate them i hate them i hate them. i hate this poxy diet. diarrhea is such a strange disease. i pebbledashed the bog about 12 times this morning and think i have lost all the water out of my body, and not through the usual pipes either. theres still in green haze in the gents in the hospital. from my i don't think that car manufaturers have thought this through fully enough. put it this way, i wouldnt want to be standing behind a cabbage powered car if it backfired. the green cross code doesnt warn you about having steaming hot fudge fired all over your legs when you stop, look and listen.

Adam Curry Posted by Hello

anyway adams mention has made my day! i've sent him so many emails, but never heard a thing until today. and its my birthday tomorrow which is like a podcasting birthday present and i will be able to wake up with a big smile on my face. i still have to go to work and buy everyone a bag of cakes. i'm going to buy them iced fingers as they are a lot cheeper as noone even says thankyou. see if anyone is going out tommorow, mum has bob coming round to look after her so i've got the evening free. its a wednesday and guildford is usually fairly busy.

anyway, here are some of my adam curry photos and drawings for any daily source code listeners who have not seen them yet. i like drawing, it relaxes me. i have many more drawings but the scanner at work is bust.

Adam Curry 100% unofficial fan site - http://rogersmalls.tripod.com/AdamCurry/

Adam Curry Drawings and Diagrams - http://rogersmalls.tripod.com/sketches/


At 5:48 am, Anonymous PizzaBabe said...

Congrates Roger! It was great to hear your voice on the DSC. Also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make sure to do a body shot for me! xoxoxox

At 11:46 am, Anonymous Matt Gifford said...

well done Roger!

And happy birthday!

At 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday you cunt

At 5:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just heard your audio message played on curry's show. Great stuff fella.

You're a funny guy. Keep them audio comments coming and it would be great to hear a message of yours get played on Podcast Paul or the Richard Vobes show :D



At 5:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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