Sunday, September 18, 2005

My day off and what do I do?

Sunday is my day off and it has made me really angry. i have so much to do and yet i have been doing nothing but sitting around and drawing pictures and diagrams. not up to my usual standard. i want to talk about all the bad things in the world that upset me but every time i do i rock the boat. how do i talk about new orleans and that mad man who could have stopped it all without sounded insencitive? why cant i get off my chest how much wehat i do upsets me? i have so much to say about the state of podcasting at the moment but people write bad things.

i thought that blogs were supposed to be regular folks writing what they liked but now i feel very restricted in what i can talk about. too many rules and regulations. and tredding on toes. at least in real life if i was out in the pub with one of my friends and if i wanted to raise an issue with someone else my friend might stick up for me. blogging doesnt have that and i think it needs it. i dont know if a computer program can do it or what. i'm getting reluctent to write things.


At 3:50 pm, Anonymous Matt Gifford said...

ah, c'mon Roger, dont be down. :(

Let rip all of your angst. Im sure most people will agree with you (or atleast the ones who read your blog will)

Stick it to 'the man' and tell it like it is if that is how you feel.

At 3:22 pm, Anonymous PizzaBabe said...

You can never make all the people happy all the time. Everyone has opinions..but you. Why worry what others say or think? It is a blog..your blog..say what you want..dont worry about others!!!


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