Monday, August 22, 2005

Podcast - Why podcast

I wasnt sure what to talk about, but i just relised that a few might come along because radio one have linked to this site who are interested in podcasting. i thought i'd try and answer the question about 'why do you podcast?' /'why do you bother?'. i think it boils down to girls and money - any other podcasters struggling? i've mentioned the in todays podcast which has a lot of interesting things on it. here are some faces which intrege me:

if you are new to podcasting and have just followed the link from the BBC web site then click the this link to download itunes then click it again and itunes will subscribe to this show. itunes doesnt show all my old shows so you need to look on all the links on the right of my blog and you can hear them all there. you should also subscribe to and . yeast radio is great and really funny - nothing like anything you are used to hearing on paid for radio!!!


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