Thursday, August 11, 2005


well done adam on getting all that money, thats very good news.

I;m writing this from my computer email program without having to log into blogger. the blogger web site is so slow these days, i dont know if its because i;m on a modem. so many web sites these days are slow, it adds to my frustration about podcasting. i dont like those podcast sites that automatically play the latest episode when you
load the page, it upsets me - so STOP IT!!! people that do that i unsubscribe to.

why are there so few UK podcasters in the UK? surely there must be more?

i;m really lonely tonight, little things seem to get to me. i;m angry and sad. i get urges and need companonship. i need a girlfriend or a pet dog to cuddle with on the sofa and satisfy my needs. i always buy a pet when i;m lonely.


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