Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What have i been doing?

Hi everyone. Sorry i havent updated my blog recently, i've been trying to lay low recently to avoid all the nasty comments i've been getting from my blog. i've turned them off now to avoid any trouble from people. i get so many people from work always putting me down i don;t really need to feel worthless on my blog too.

i've taken some of the comments on board becuase i think if someone feels upset enough to be writing to me on the web then i have done something wrong. if you want to leave me a comment then just email me and at least i can reply to you. i want to slowly start cutting down on my blogging and podcasting a bit as it seems the nasty comments appeared more often the more that i did them. its also so demorolising to see all the major proper companys with money and proper microphones recording shows and then getting really well, does this seem the end of proper podcasting?

ive been doing some things for radio 1 recently (not bbc 1 which is a tv station!!!) and will let you all know a bit more about it nearer the time, but its all very exciting. i think they have been speaking to mr adam curry and some british podcasters recently, i hope they put accross podcasting in a nice way.

i also heard that to get into itune chart you just keep clicking unsibscribe and subscribe and it makes you do higher. that hardly seems fair. nor does podcast alley becuase its always the same poeple - if you read the comments for people doing well they are always from the same names using different email addresses. i give up. why is podcasting just a big popularity contest? i try not to let it wind me up, i'm staying at home a lot in the evenings and doing a lot of drawings instead which helps me relax.

i'm in quite a depressed mood today. i said this to someone in an email the other day, but why did i choose such an unrewarding hobby? only big corporations make shows that everyone wants to hear. its sad to see all the 'indy' podcasts getting forsed out of everything.


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