Wednesday, July 20, 2005

google maps the moon!

its amazing, google have now done a map of the moon at ....

its very funny when you zoom right into its closest setting. looking at all the places where the spacemen land it seems really silly that they dont try lots of other places instead of just all landing in the same area. its like NASA are like a boring family that go to the same hotel in spain every year rather than try somewhere new. you never know, they might find some anebas and things. thats my advice. get out more and see things.

its a shame that i still cant see a close up of guildford without everything smudging. i want it so that you can see people close up but i think technology isnt that good yet. it would herald a new era in mucky photos where magazines would be filled with satallite images looking down the tops of prettygirls. but we have bridges and windows in high rise buildings for that.


At 10:08 pm, Blogger podcastpaul said...

Rog, you're coming to podcastcon in London mate! I'll get the beers in..

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