Friday, July 15, 2005

pick and mix podcasting

I have got itunes on my computer now. it upset me at first becuase all the shows on it have abbreviations, numbers and couples in them like The Best of KRWA 103.2 Mick and Rick. but its good on my computer because i use itunes to listen to music faded in the background to my taste and have windows media player on louder to listen to talk podcasts (as long as they don't play music). That way you can listen to 2 podcasts at ones. in windows media player you can press the fast forward button and still understand things. it would be good if you could subscribe to a show and tell it what type of background music you want. maybe you could have different choises of background music for each show? pubs that play music only attract a certain type of person, but pubs who dont play music attract more poeple. why not the same with podcasts?


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