Monday, June 27, 2005

DVDs - why they will never replace VHS

I'm fed up with DVDs. They are so stupid. My friend leant me his games console while he went on holiday which i dont understand. To watch a film you have to press all these buttons and navigate around all these shapes and move boxes accross and it is so slow. Just to watch a film. and you cant skip the logos and age warnings. and you cant fast forward properly. and no two dvds are ever the same. with a vhs you put the tape in and there it is - a picture just where you left it. no waiting around for things to wizz around the screen. just good old fashioned entertainment. he can keep his stupid console thing, i dont understand it. i'm off to watch Baby Boom without loads of camera angle choices on good old VHS. if Stephen Speilburg cant be bothered to make any decisions when he edits his film together then why should I help him out? lazy git. if I pay for a film I expect it to be edited together. what next, are they going to come in blank cases so i can draw my own cover? it not interaction, its pure bone idolness. i'm paying the man enough with all his computers and dinosaurs. its a conspiracy. and they wonder why people dont pay to watch movies any more. plus you cant record on a dvd like you can on a tape.

Can anyone suggest which one plays the film?


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