Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wordsearch results

Remember last weeks Madge Weinstein Wordsearch?

Here are the answers:

Aunt Mary, Axewound, Bacon Sandwich, Bagpuss, Bearded Clam, Beaver, Beef Curtains, Bermuda Triangle, Bikini Beard, Billy Connollys Beard, Black Triangle, Box, Budgies Tongue, Bush, Chuff, Clit, Couchie, Crusty fish crevis, Cum Box, Cunt, Fadge, Fanny, Fishy Passage, Front Bottom, Front Bum, Furry Cup, Gash, Hairy Minge, Hairy Pie, Hanging Bacon, Hole, Hot Fadge, Juice Squirter, Labia, Ladylips, Minge, Monkeys Forehead, Mons, Muff, Peanut, Pissflaps, Plash, Poonani, Quim, Shagpipe, Slit, Snatch, Squirt Hole, Tuna Pump, Twat, Vulva, Wet Lettuce, Wizards Sleeve, Yeast Funnel.

I cant remember where they are all hidden though, i am very confused and angry tonight.

does anyone know what defines an arsonist legally? as i understand it if a hedge overhangs onto someone elses property i could technically do whatever i wanted to the hedge. i'm not sure.


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