Saturday, June 04, 2005

Smoking in pubs

I've just got back from a nice evening out. Well, its not quite that nice becuase i was sitting with one of my friends having a well deserved pint and a couple of girls sat next to us smoking and blowing it in my face. i have to say even if she was laying naked in bed winking at me, if she smoked i wouldnt take plunge as i find it most unattractive in a young lady of the opposite sex. I'm not sure what the situation is with the progress of banning smoking in pubs in britian, I really do wish they would hurry up though because i've only just washed my jeans for this month and they now smell like an old bonfire.

My rotton lung after this evening

Sorry to any smokers who are reading this blog, i'm sure you are considerate. plus you keep me in a job because i've started dealing with test results for cancer suffers at work and the goverment is devoted to spending billions of pounds for treating your problems, we've recently had to emply 5 new technicians who are on over £30k each to deal with the extra smoking cessation drive. i hope the govement continues to keep spending this becuase if i get cancer due to other people blowing cigerretes in my face i'll be able to get the best treatment in europe. i know its the best in europe because a third of the home addresses for the test results of our patients are foreign or immegration centers so i think a lot of people are coming over here, one of the benefits of everyone joining the european union - i keep telling everyone its a good thing.

Its the final countdown

i think in Ireland when they banned smoking everyone was fine about it after a week. but in england changing laws for some reason takes ages. that reminds me about an idea i had about politics that might be one of my better ideas, i'll spring it on you all another day when i've thought it through. i tried explaining an idea earlier on to someone and found it hard to say what i was thinking and think i made a complete idiot out of myself, i dont want to repeat that with readers of this blog by people getting the wrong end of the stick. i have to go, maybe take a shower and wash this rubbish out of my stupid long hair, perhaps a short hair cut all over is in order for the warm summer months. plus its less to get smelly and wash.


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