Saturday, May 28, 2005

Goodbye dutchess

i'm so sad. its nearly time for my pet pig the Dutchess of Pork to go to her new home. her new owner is coming over in a couple of hours to take her to his house, then i'll be lonely again. i cant stop crying.

goodbye my sweet princess
you may be a swine on the outside
but you are royalty on the inside
i saved you from becoming a sausage
providing you with a palace
i gave you my bed when it was cold
and never let you go without
i will miss those endless summer days
and the endless winter nights
as a piglet you would suckle in my arms
the precious nurishing fluids
memories will never fade
happy times imprinted in my mind bosom
cherishing forever that christmas day
the best christmas of my life
how i laughed when you wore the paper hat
your joy of slipping in the excrement
but those days will be no more
for you are off to pastures new
still i would love to roll with you
trotter in hand
unstrapping your harness
leaving you to wander the garden
the laughter, the smiles, the hugs
goodbye my soul mate sow


At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Hey Roger, I'm an avid listener to your podcast. I think you're a genius and the BurgerKing podcast was hilarious!
Now, I'm very touched by your poem on the loss of your beloved Dutchess. Would you care to recite this poem into your phone and enter the recording in the Slam Idol podcast?
All the best, Simon.

At 12:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bacon sarnies all round!!!

At 4:54 pm, Anonymous Geoff said...

Soz to hear about your loss fella
:( Hope you feel happier soon.

On a happier note ...

Roger you are a class act. THE best podcaster in Britian, in my oppinion.

The Burger King podcast was the best. You have an excellent show matey - keep it up fella.

Geoff (from Reading)

At 12:03 am, Blogger podcastpaul said...

Roger, I think you're mental...or a genius. I can't work you out... but keep on doing it because I love listening.

I plugged your show a few weeks ago along with a few others.. really enjoyed it and always listen.

See you old mate

ps. the comments on your Adam Curry photo's are bril.

At 12:46 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

thanks everyone for the kind words. i wish i was a genius, then i wouldnt have to spend all day administering blood samples in a hospital.

i couldnt beleive it when i went to burger king and the same guy just kept driving round and round. i thought it was Groundhog Day. he was the hilarious one, i just hit record.

thanks for the support!


At 5:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who gives a toss about your pig or your obsession with that other pig Lesley Sanderson
GET A FUCKING LIFE you sad ass loser type of guy

At 5:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you bent

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