Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Loosing a family member

I'm kinda sad and happy, after weeks of phone calls I've think I've finally found a new home for the Dutchess. we've had her for well over a year, i knew it was only a temporary measure when we got her as we originally had her to save her from being put down. now shes grown too big for the house and its costing me a fortune in food to look after and i've had to look around for an owner to look after her. fortunatly there is a family who lives in a village south of guildford who came round earlier on, they have a large plot of land with many animals so would be ideal to look after her. i was so concerned that she would end up with some farmer who would eat her but the man who came round earlier on has 2 daughters who love pigs. he's even said that i can come over and see her if i ring up first. its like loosing a member of the family, but at the same time i'll be getting the house back, the neighbours will stop complaining and i'll have a little more money to buy food for me. 2 weeks left, and she'll be gone. i've still got my tortoise who's coming out of hybernation very soon, and i seem to have adopted a cat from next door who prefers my house.


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