Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lazy sunday afternoon

I wish! Had a very late one last night talking on skype, that software is great, so are some of the people on there too. I've had a few ideas of how to use Sykpe for podcasts which i'll try recording and post up soon. Went to the gym this morning for a couple of hours. on the way back i popped round to one of the old ladies who lives opposite to see how shes doing, she is by herself and sometimes cant manage with things. i offered to mow her lawn (she has a 10 foot patch infront of her house - see below for a rough idea of the size), she sounded delighted, offered me a cake, took me into her 50 acre 'field' behind the house and left me to it. ended up mowing her lawn and putting up some shelves too. 4 hours later I've got splinters, hayfever and one massive appitite. just waiting for dinner to cook then i'll be a happy bunny. if you know any old people nearby its worth taking the time to see if they are ok. just dont offer to mow their lawn.

Front garden

Back Garden


At 9:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And not even a wet finger from the old dear!


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