Thursday, May 05, 2005

Podcast - UK Voting Soundseeing tour

took my mobile phone with me and recorded my trip to the polling booth this evening. sorry about the quality, doont know how to clean it up. very quick and easy, i was in and out of there in a flash! i gotta run as i'm going to be late for comedy night. when i get back i'll see if i've made a difference.


At 9:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heard the first half of it ok, but couldn't make out what you were going on about in the polling station. Noise was too distorted.
Happy voting, though.

At 8:52 am, Blogger Tim Australia said...

With the tens of millions of voters yesterday, you documented the process. It sounded very busy at the Voting stations. It was good to hear about the voting system in Britain.

At 2:30 pm, Anonymous MsSybrr said...

Hmmm next time voting naked! :)

At 8:49 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hope it provided a good insight for non-uk people into a mundane process for 99% of the people in the uk. me? i thought it was fun and wish i could do it all the time.

Sorry about the quality, i was recording on my mobile phone and had to stash it away and whisper whilst in the polling station.

every time i save money for an iriver an outragous utility bill comes in and i end up spending the money on that instead. my mobile phone will do for now, its not really designed for podcasting in secret locations though!!!!

(mssybrr - i;m afraid i wouldnt be able to vote naked as there would be nowhere to hide my mobile phone!).

At 7:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, Roger. You make me want to cover you in whipped cream sometimes!

At 8:47 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

Thanks Faulsto!


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