Monday, April 25, 2005


Monoculture is a word that has been doing the rounds in podcasting and i've been looking it up on the web to find out what it means. i'd like to understand more about what it means if anyone can post what it means to them to my comments. i think it means 'the most popular', things are shifting so fast though. when i ask for advice from various people about things to buy i always hear 'you HAVE to have x'...

  • digital music - you HAVE to have an ipod
  • purchase music - you HAVE to use itunes
  • a creative computer - you HAVE to have an imac

Which never really seemed to fit in with apples whole 'free spirit' attitude. the thing is if 95% of the world was apple and 5% was microsoft, would apple products still be the best and for what reason?

  • you are NOT allowed to say security - if Apples were the dominant computers then there would be a lot more viruses targeted for them, goes with the turf.
  • you cannot that microsoft are all beige boxes as you can use different coloured boxes for your pc.
  • you cannot say speed - i've heard so many podcasters CONSTANTLY complain that they cant record and even browse the web without a G5.

i dont know why i brought all that up. i think its becuase every magazine, website and tv channel i've been subjected to in the last few hours has in some way been connected to apple. not that they are not a bad computer, its just i'm getting apple 'monoculture'. they shouldnt advertise as i'm getting apple overload - they should stick to word of mouth, it sounds more credible.

if they bring out one more product, put one more letter 'i' infront of its name and put one more zero at the end of its price tag then try to sell it to using 'cool' looking people i'll scream.

The humble Toilet - £99.00

The Apple iToilet - £990.00 - desirable becuase of the trendy GAP wearing squatting woman?

How did my post turn into apple bashing? i'm not an apple basher. i'm an apple advert basher. theres a difference. here goes, i'm going to get a truck load of graphic designers start moaning...


At 10:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time Apple got the hype it deserves. For years, it has had to live under the shadow of Microsoft. Since the success of the iPod, the spotlight is now shining on Apple and we can see that it makes other quality products as well. Yes, they look good, but they also run the most stable, secure operating system. Apple continues to innovate and improve. Look at Tiger, its new operating system. It miles ahead of Windows and miles ahead of the may-be-released-in-2060 Longhorn. By the time Longhorn is released, Apple's operating system will be so far ahead, Windows will be a laughing stock. Microsoft users don't like this. They have stuck with their crashing systems and virus-ridden machines for years and they can see a better alternative. Only their pride stops them from actually giving Apple a go. How often do we hear Microsoft users take the piss out of Apple? And how many of those Microsoft users have actually used a G5 or iMac. Err..probably none. I hope this Apple hype continues. I hope more people buy iPods and iMacs. It might start to shift that emphasis away from Microsoft for once and open up some real competition.

At 1:27 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

my wallet stops me from giving apple a go, not my pride. the only mac i can afford comes from macdonalds and comes with fries. i'd love to own a mac as i think they would be good for podcasting, i'm just sick of the media telling me to always buy one and suggesting that i am buying into a 'lifestyle'.

at the end of the day it doesnt matter what computer you use, it all boils down to the fact you are sitting in your bedroom typing and masterbating - no glossy advertising is going to change that. that would make a good apple silloette advert though.

we were trained on apples at school which didnt help me to get a job when i left because i didnt have any word or excel experience. looking at my newspaper jobs section i never saw 'itunes experience a must'.

they are nice though. and i like the graphics on them.


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