Thursday, April 21, 2005

why is it easier to consume than to create?

in real life people find it easy to talk, but hard to listen. yet media switches that round - we only listen to the tv and we dont talk at all.

i'm finding that i'm having to get into technical things and i hate it all, think i am way out of my depth and struggling with some of this. none of my friend at work knows what to do. had to learn about 'FTP' to try my new server. didnt release i got some free space when i ordered my dialup account, there is quite a lot are empty space to fill up so it looks like my mp3s will go there. this should hopefully mean i can do podcasting more reliably than my current free host. i've got about 50 kilobytes of free space, most of my files are very small so i should have too many problems. i'm going to try some other things too with the spaace although its very complicated. how is someone like me expected to know all these things without a degree in mathamatics? no wonder most of the podcasts are by geeks and for geeks. i have tried listening to the Geek News Central podcast with absolutly no luck at all - he spends most of his time talking about his wife and kid in hawii - i cant learn any web design or computing from him. just need someone to explain it to me as i'm stumbling through this by just cutting and pasting things i'm not sure i should be. i am so tired. FTP, DNS, BLOG, RSS ---- MAKE COMPUTERS EASY SO THAT PEOPLE CAN USE THEM AND NONE OF THESE FUNNY WORDS!!!! sometimes i think - why not just watch tv like the rest of the world and ignore what is going on in that computer in my atick. then i remember that prettygirls are free to look at on the internet if you know the right sites, whilst some of the channels on the tv are £7 per go. its a toss up. and its between tv and internet. internet is not ready for me? or am i not ready for the internet? tv doesnt demand anything to operate. i cant upset people on the tv. tv poeple have a lot of money to make good programs. computers also need money. lots of it.too late at night to think. muist sleep.

be in touch 24/7? i dont understand all the adverts for the latest gizmos - i'm not sure i want email whereever i go. especailly when squirting the old fudge whilst connected to a mainframe. what is the paper basket for right next to the toilet? is this a standard setup?


At 12:09 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

just released. becuase stupid computers which are suppose to be able to store 'millions of books' worth of information, actually dont. they havent got any room for anything. stupid things. i had a podcast for yuou earlier on. now i dont.


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