Sunday, April 17, 2005

My head hurts

what can i say? i've spent most of today laying down as i keep getting headaches at the weekends. not sure why. is this a side effect of xanax or eating too much cheese?

still cant understand how feedburner works. i was on 23 readers yesterday. i did a podcast last night and now i'm on 18 readers. it seems the more i post, the more people unsubscribe. should i not do podcasting at all and have 100 readers? if i did a podcast every day i wouldnt have any readers. i dont know. my skin itches too, its all that hideous diseased women at the gyms fault.

i like the idea of feedburner though and its way of counting listeners. they must have a lot of information about each podcast. perhaps feedburner should publish a chart of all its podcast ratings. we could then have a better system than the podcast alley web site.

podcast alley charts rely on information on which podcaster can convince their listeners to vote for them at the very beginning of every month. its kind of like the TV ratings being based on the number of written letters to the shows rather than the number of subscribers. what a crazy world we live in.

any suggestions about what topics i should do my podcasts and blog posting about would be helpful on my comments board as i'm clearly going wrong somewhere. oh, someone posted on my comments board about turning my back on yeast radio and not sending stuff to madge. rubbish! the main reason for me not sending stuff over is just that madge is an extreemly busy lady now and her show is usually crammed full of proper guests (she has been getting some really interesting guests on recently - i like shishelin the most) and more profesional sounding audio, her listeners dont want to hear bad quality phone comments and have to skip over things. until i can get some money together to get a nice podcasting setup your stuck with me recording on my nokia i'm afraid!! i did send a couple of things over last week, including a poem and a question about buying a video camera (mp3 file here) (i know she is quite knowledgable about such things) - i'm still trying to decypher madges response though as she told me to 'blow gabriel'. i'm not sure what that means. it could be some sort of code or american slang, my mum doesnt understand what it means either, very cyptic. i dont know anyone called gabriel. if i did i wouldnt blow him.

A curious google images result for the phrase 'blow gabriel'

i've had no entrys yet for my wired for sound close up competition - so get guessing now!!!! if anyone wants some yahoo360 invites i've got about 95 left so email me and i'll be your friend. funny how i've already got more friends on yahoo360 than i have in real life. i'm off to rub vaseline on my loin.


At 1:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't fret about your setup. Your Nokia phone is better than nothing. The important thing is content (which you have). I enjoy your podcasts, as well as your blog. So please, keep blogging, keep sending material to Madge. I love hearing your voice and hearing about your life. As a fellow headache sufferer, I sympathize. Are they sinus headaches? Stress headaches? If they get too bad, you should go to the doctor. We wouldn't want to lose everyone's favorite englishman.

At 5:33 am, Anonymous WLB :>) said...

Yes, what Geoffrey said. As far as the headaches go, I doubt that Xanax would be doing that. Are you eating more sugar on the weekends? Sugar is my arch-enemy.

Anyway, don't be discouraged about listener numbers; in fact, I'd disregard them entirely. Think of it this way; if you bring sunshine to even one other life with your work then You've Done Very Well! And everytime I read your blog or listen to your 'cast I smile.

Keep fighting the good fight, old chap...

WLB :>)


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