Thursday, April 07, 2005

Museum of left wing lunacy web site

sorry guys if i have offended anyone from any political web sites, but please dont send me another nasty email about wishing my mother dead.

i apologise for the comment about steven hawkings, he is usually a good sport about things and has been in many tv shows like the simpsons and star trek. its always good to see a dribbling cripple that thinks he's an expert on the universe appear on television, although i do take exception when George Bush does it.

Steven Hawkings - good old boy

i'm confused about your web site . it looks quite a nice design but i find the typeface hard to read on the headings. your mission statement is quite interesting though:

"To build an online archive dedicated to Liberal Lunacy. To track their blogs, organizations and media outlets."

I'm not sure that you really need to have an online archive as there is a really good one at that does the entire internet, not just focus on a small section of it. It even does your web site - like the 26th of September 2004 archive of your homepage with all the spelling mistakes. people in glass houses? Most blogs these days have an automatic archive feature anyway. So why not concentrate your efforts on something more constructive?

I dont quite understand why you decided to build a web site that doesnt create content or contribute to anything positive, except to poke critisism at other poeples views, especially ones who suffered a big enough blow last year. it sounds very tense in your lives from looking at your web site, its almost like you are playing a 'king of the castle' game where you narrowly made it in and are now using all your time and resourses just attacking the other side with noone paying attention to whats happening inside.

None of this is any of my business anyway, as I'm not an American voter - no - I'm not a black man from Florida, I'm from England. But its not nice to get an email from some complete stranger saying nasty things about my family. Its water off a ducks back, i've just had my rant and have moved on. You should do the same.


At 5:15 am, Anonymous WLB :>) said...

Honestly. Sometimes I quite despair at the people who are "protecting my moral values", all the while espousing hate all their own. Well spoken, Rog... as always.

WLB :>)

At 1:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you call someone a dribbling cripple? Do you normally take the piss out of disabled people. Shame on you. It's people like you who give this country a bad name. I bet you're no oil painting. In fact, let's see a photo of you. Show some balls (not literally), and we'll see who really is the dribbling cripple.

At 10:42 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hello anonymous, sorry if you've been upset by my post. i wrote it just as i recieved a nasty email from someone wishing my mother would die of cancer and it kind of rubbed me up the wrong way.

as i think my post explained, steven hawkings is a good sport about his condition (I think he was when he appeared on the simpsons - if you think otherwise then you should write a letter of complaint to matt groening). as far as i'm aware steven still dribbles and he is still crippled. when any of these things change i will change my description as such. i should have said that steven is a brillient and intelligent man who i respect a lot, but he doesnt share any of these qualities with george bush, so the my comments wouldnt have made sense.

being a cripple myself i think i'm allowed to make comments about fellow cripples, just as eddie murphy is allow to make black jokes. i get called a cripple almost every day by people, its not something that bothers me really. being a word used around me most of the time it has sunk into my vocabialary.

you're right, i'm no oil painting. i dont recall saying that i was. you dont need a photo to prove that i'm a cripple. I have a badly injured leg from a freak car accident 4 years ago and have to live with the scars every day with people pointing at me and wispering things.

thats why i like blogging, because i can be who i am without people judging me by what i look like. i know that the second that i post my picture up on the web that i will get a negative reaction from people such as yourself, who struggle to argue about things without bringing in image into it (you managed it in your opening paragraph, well done for proving me right!!!!).

which country do you think i'm giving a bad name? if you're referring to either england (where i'm from), or the USA (wher i'm assuming you are anonymously from) then you should maybe get your priorities straight. George Bush and Tony Blair give our wonderful contries a bad name by invading everyones contries and killing them all. I dont see my name being mentioned for murdering innocent people, poluting the atmosphere and incoraging poverty and greed.

google knows about 8,058,044,651 other web pages, if you dont agree with what i have to say on mine then try one of those. and next time dont hide behind 'anonymous' slating me for not showing an image, at least i'm posting opinions on the internet using my real name. was it you who sent the email?

At 8:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, get him! Keep your chest wig on. If I'd known you were going to be like that, I'd have brought some extra handbags!

At 8:56 am, Blogger rokkgod said...

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