Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The lesser of two evils - political idea

we have the election coming up soon and I am undecided as to who to vote for. i hear a lot of comments of 'they are all as bad as each other', i'm just going to vote for 'the lesser of two evils'.

the way voters think at the moment is 'which party best suits me?'. it is hard to find out all the pros and cons of each political party.

as the internet is good as a comparison based tool for buying products and services why doesnt someone make a web site that compares political parties?

it would simply ask me a list of questions on a web form - am i FOR or AGAINST something? for each question the web site knows what each political partys views and values are and then marks the question as a point for that party if you would answer the same. at the end of the form your answers are totalled up and it tells you if you most likely a concervative, labour, liberal democrate, UKIP, etc etc. by working out your opionion on things.

heres a mock up example with a few sample questions...

A) Tighten imegration?

B) Rights for travellers?
[ ] MORE [ ] LESS

C) Foxhunting ban?

D) Greater pollution control?

E) The Euro?

F) More money for shcoools?

G) Going to war?

H) Drop third world debt?

Depending on how you answer it will tell you if you are Tory / Labour etc, and this might help you decide who to vote for. it would have to be produced by a nutral person rather than appear on a political website produced by the tories as this might be biased which is bad.

any web people out there fancy a challenge before the may elections? personally i would most likely vote for the political party who starts using podcasting to share their views as this is good use of the new communication medium. unless it was jim davidson who happends to be a sexist racist biggot.

Jim - cockney prick motivated by pure hatred


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