Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tip for silver Volvo owners

Did you know that when you brought your car that you got supplied with 4 flashing orange lights on each corner of your vehicle. these are called 'indicators'. these 'indicators' are used to 'indicate' to other people that you intend to move your car in a specific direction.

lets say for example there is a pedestratian going to work. lets call him roger smalls. now roger intends to cross the road, but will wait until he thinks it is safe to cross. now roger is under the illusion that it is safe because a silver Volvo going 50MPH down a road isnt suddenly going to turn left onto the road that roger is crossing. so roger walks accross and almost gets killed, then receiving a load of obsenitys and lude gestures from a man using a mobile phone.

now lets say hyperthetically that the owner of the silver Volvo tried using his 'indicator' device, operated by a small stick next to the stearing wheel. 2 orange lights would start flashing and roger would know to wait until it is safe to cross, thus saving a lot of hassel and agravation. it must have been a really important phone call though to warrent killing someone.


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