Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Take a look at this news story about someone getting attacked : -

BBC news

Who is to blame? By the looks of things 2 wicked men are to blame for doing this horrible thing.

But when i read about all the attacks happening to the internet explorer browser it seems that microsoft is always blame. i dont understand.

maybe firefox users should blame the old women in the news story for not using army strength locks? i have been told at work to use firefox for looking at the internet because it is 100% safe, but still have to use internet explorer on our test results system because firefox is incompatible. its all very confusing,.

i dont mind which computer browser i use, but when someone diliberatly trys to break something then maybe point the finger of blame at the hackers and criminals?

who is safest, a precautios person who knows they are at risk or a complacient person who thinks they are 100% safe? i dont think anything is 100% safe.


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