Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Poor old Terri. 51% of americans gave a brain dead vegitable a chance last year, so george bush is repaying the favour to terri and keeping her going. but is this any of our business? not knowing Terri i dont think i have any right to say if she stays or goes, good luck to her. maybe what they should do is to pop her in a wheelchair and send her round by remote control and pretend she's speaking via a walkie talkie - steven halkings puppeteers have made a fortune on the leacture circuit doing this.

steven hawkings and madge weinstein

my weekend hasnt been very productive, had to work one day. been tidying up house. had physio for the leg, getting better. hard when its a women and i've got to take off my trousers and prevent myself from getting a semi. got up once in my grey skinnies and had a massive wet patch showing, how embarressing?.


psychologist on friday is making progress too. good to talk about problems. i find that using this blog helps too in airing my problems. a problem shared is a problem halved i guess, so with 16 regular subscribers this certainly helps to talk. its also really nice to talk to people on the MSN messenger too. the trouble is that my psychologist looks and sounds just like boycie from 'only fools and horses', and i find it hard not laugh, especially when he smokes a thin cigar and blows it over me. i am trying to find local support groups where i can talk to other sufferers, the internet offers me little solice and support. the dreams lessen and my phobias are not as dark, reactions are not as sudden, so the sessions do help.

Try curing your phobia with this man


At 5:32 am, Blogger Bill Bitchler said...

"51% gave a brain dead vegetable a chance?... BRILLIANT, old chap... ROFLMAO...

Your blog is a treat, Rog... keep up the good work.

At 8:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Roger, How did you ever find that photo of me and Steven?

I crossposted it (not crossdressed) on

At 6:51 am, Blogger Fausto Fernos said...

Great post Roger!

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