Thursday, March 24, 2005

complaining neighbors

next door are really doing my head in. they have complained before christmas about the dutchess being in the garden so i've had to keep her inside over winter. keeping her in the lounge has meant that i cant sleep on the sofabed anymore, and its not good for mums helth for me to be in bed late most nights. cant find a trustworthy free farmer who wont try and eat her, so the dutchess went outside again yesterday and the neighbours have already started complaining after one stupid day.

Dirty protest

not sure what to do now but my neightbours have been banging on the walls all night just becuase there are a couple of lumps of turd that i havent got round to picking up yet. i can understand in the summer with the heat and the flys, but at the moment its not exactly bad weather for blowing smells about. little do they know that i usually throw the shit behind their air conditioner unit.

Fred is one lucky bastard

so i'm back to playing the stereo up to 25 and delibaratly drilling holes in the wall in the middle of the night. they really annoy me so much. i have tried making them buscuits as an olive branch but they were really rude and told me to shove the buscuits up my arse. i'm never going round there for lunch if thats how they prepare food. the sad thing is his wife is actually very attractive and curvy, they have no reason to be mad at me anymore as i cleaned and returned the bra back to the washing line. sod it, if they want to start round two with me then i'm up for a war. there no way i can have mum being disturbed in the middle of the night while these two pichards keep thummping the wall. keep your friends close and your enemys even closer. i just wasnt expecting that apply to the property ladder.

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At 1:01 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

the bastard has just turned up at the doorstep annd tried to come in to turn off the stereo, very angry man.

i have made him promisse not to get upset with the dutchess IF i turn it off.

but he;s only gone back next door and started riding his wife at one oclock in the morning. mind you it does sound kind of sexy and i do have a very ggood imagination. if anyone wants to msn me i;ll be done in 15 minutes.



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