Tuesday, March 29, 2005

podcasting update

sorry no podcasts for a while, having free hosting problems, will try and resolve them soon. i am under the imrpession that adam currys new podshow web site will allow me to host my own mp3s. i wish the whole thing was easy and free. i dont have a lot of money or a computer science degree so have to rely on the tools out there to do the job. when a free peice of software comes out that does all the blogging, posting and things then i will go out and buy a microphone for my computer.

i will send stuff to madge and the feast of fools when i've heard the latest shows - havent heard their shows or had any emails for a while - hope i havent upset anyone in chicago!!! madge, falco and adams shows are all creeping up in file size ( i think the last madge ones are reaching 60meg which take AGES to download). when every podcast reaches this size it means the phone is perminatly on and i have to start making choices as to what i listen to even though i have plenty of time to listen to it.

i'm not fussed about stereo or mono or the quality, maybe they could do a smaller rss file for listeners who arenot bothered about the quality or whos shows wont manage an overnight modem download. 10 megs is a nice round number. i think what they have to say is more inportant than the quality, why do you think all those mucky telephone chat lines make so much money? the quality isnt perfect but you can still make out the grunting.

now i know what the digital divide means. broadband is so expensive in the uk that you have to go to the public library or use the work computers at lunch like i am now. over the weekend i ended up subscribing to some shorter podcasts to listen to becase the top rated ones are way too big for modems. i like lots of little podcasts. it would be nice to have broadband for using the skype program. i tried it on the modem and it didnt work at all. curse you 56k blue Lasat box!!! gonna be in trouble if i download all my podcasts at work but am getting withdrawel symptoms.

amazon havent paid out any cash yet. how do people make money from their blogs, can someone post some comments about this please? In the mean time....

jack la lanne, jack la lanne, he does whatever a spider can.


At 3:27 pm, Blogger iNsAnE fILmS said...

Roger, I do miss your phone calls. Turday's show is only about 10 megs so you should be able to download it quickly!

At 3:47 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

whoopsie dasie - just sent you an email complaining!!!


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