Tuesday, March 29, 2005

arse magic

A colluege has been on holiday for a while to the carribean and is now sitting at her desk with a nice tan. i've counted 14 people that she has told that she has been on holiday, and every single one of them has asked "Anywhere nice?". of course shes gone somewhere nice, shes come back smiling and has lovely bronze skin. noone in their right mind is going to deliberatly book their holidays somewhere that isnt nice. i havent heard of many people who go into a travel agent and ask for two weeks in a rubbish tip.

Q."Anywhere nice?" - A."No".

it looks like 'Anywhere nice' seems to be embedded in the english phrase book. if i were to own a travel agents i would call it "anywhere nice" - the advert practically writes itself.

it has always been my dream to go abroad one day. some peple complain that they hate traveling for a living, personally i would love a job where i get to fly around from country to country. i love airports. they are so exciting. i would love to sit in an airoplane, even in the uncomfortable seets. and to be in another place where everything is different would be such a nice change. if any couriers, sales rep managers or drug smugglers are looking for work then please email me.

it is time for a change of jobs soon i think. the industry i work in means i cant move up, only accross. not sure what field to go. it seems like i cant get payed to do things i enjoy doing. instead i sort through results all day long.


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