Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Andrew Russell

not much happening tonight, seems my friends all are staying in tonight with their girlfriends. have been mulling around the house trying to keep it clean. neighbours making the usual racket next door. no emails. no comments. no msns. anyone else as bored as me in the world?

its times like these that i turn to Mr Andrew Russell and his web site at . Andrew has it all. Andrew has a good job. Andrew has the all american good looks. Andrew has a nice house. Andrew has a nice Filipino wife, Giegie. He pretty much photographs everything that moves and almost everything that doesnt , and then puts it on his web site. I found his site quite by accident by typing in the first 3 letters on the keyboard to see who's web site cropped up. i shouldnt be envious of other people, but i wish i was Mr Andrew Russell. Or Adam Curry.






Andrew and Giegie

Andrews cool TV and Giegie

Visit the only web site sporting 10,000 pictures of Mr Andrew Russell at


At 5:24 am, Anonymous WLB :>) said...

I wish I had a lot of money or had a TV show or was famous so I could make you famous too. I think you have a particularly unique and fascinating view on the world; not only that, but you have the gift of communicating it in fascinating ways. Please keep doing what you're doing... I hope you get "discovered" one day. You deserve it... you have the "gift".

Best wishes,
WLB :>)

At 9:23 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

thank you that is very kind. i was discovered once. fortunantly she didnt involve the police, i just had to leave the house.

i dont know about tv's and things, i think i've got the ideal face for blogging to be honest.


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