Thursday, April 07, 2005

Paris Hilton Podcast

Everything a podcast shouldnt be. i feared this day. the day when a large corporation got a massive bag of dirty money and flings it at what can only be discribed as a marketing campain. heaven help us all. image over talent. but people buy it, (unless you are adam curry and have both).

i've subscribed, listened and unsubscribed. it is awful. i can imagine they have probably spent tens of thousands on this web page and glossy jingle alone. its not fair. if one good thing is to come out of this, its that people who are new to podcasting will download the ipodder software. i just hope they dont uninstall it when they listen to it - currently a glossy jingle that uses the same sort of music as on the osbournes.

The sad thing is she'll be at number one on podcast alley in no time

but this is the way things are heading, other bigger podcasters are getting sponsers. before long all the big names will sound like this. the day they do i hit the unsubscribe button. why should i pay bandwidth to listen to someone selling me things? they should pay my bandwidth. i have already given up on coverville and real reviews trying to sell me ipod software and insurance and no longer listen. the message is simple, sell stuff on your web site and not on your mp3 files. the recommendation thing is fine, but a whole marketing campain doesnt work. not for me anyway.

Vote Madge. If she gets to Podcast Alley number one she'll record a nightvision lesbian porn video with Gussy and leak it onto the internet.

if you want to hear what a great podcast sounds like listen to madge weinsteins podcast from yesterday - its her best for a long time and she is in her element. it has everything - swearing, cool music, weird music, bad music, dishwashing, the tv in the background, confusion and opinion. i cant put my finger on it, but i like it. what do other people think? i take it most people read this blog also listen to madge. i think she did this show so well because she was in a good mood because of being in podcast alley top 10, imagine her moods if everyone voted her number one.

Yeast Radio-Special Edition-04.06.05B

Podcast Alley

Paris Hilton Podcast

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At 10:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the most flattering photo of me, Roger!
Love, Madge

At 10:35 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

i know who i'd prefer to see in a mucky video anyday! thank the nice people at google images.



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