Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Keeping quiet

Hi readers

Sorry for updating my blog for a while. I thought I would follow the example of some of my recent visitors to this site and instead of spending time writing my own thoughts and opinions about things I've gone to loads of other peoples blogs and posted up some nasty hurtful critisisms about them and their families anonymously. * - See below

I thought this would make me look clever but infact its made me look quite stupid in public, especially when I relised that I wasnt anoymous after all and the site owners knew where my computer was. I sure do hope that the blog owners dont complain to my internet provider becuase i was making abusive personal comments. i could get in trouble, especially if i was posting my 'anoymous' comments from a works computer. Perhaps i should have just expressed my own opinion on my own blog and let people read it rather than make a fool of myself.

Why do I waste my life critising others?

This has made me feel quite bad about myself and lowered my self esteem, I thought it would make me feel more adequeate about myself but this hasn't happened. I also chose just to use childish insults rahter than think up anything original. i think people might think that i'm scared to argue because i wont even leave my email address on any of these posts.

this news story has cheered me up though, as now I know there is hope for me yet -
telegraph.co.uk news story about a russian man, my inadequacies dont feel so bad. i think i'll get on with my life and start blogging again...

* - This is all a sarcastic lie.


At 2:38 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

By the way, this is all sarcasm. not something i'm very good at. please feel free to leave nice or thought provoking comments on the web site. if you keep sending nasty comments though i'll be taking the whole site straight down as its not nice.


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