Saturday, April 09, 2005

America We Stand As One

Theres a new ALL American Power Ballard In Town.....

And its BIG!!!

if there is one thing you MUST download today its this.

please :

America - we stand as One - quicktime
America - we stand as One - Windows format

This is an amazing video and about time that we had some good old fashioned power ballards back in the charts. this couldnt have cheered me up more. there are also a lot of really clever graphics on it too - how many videos combine flags, rainbows, soldiers, mullets and angels?. its by the man with the bad teeth who was in the film 'The Wedding Singer', i forget his name. adam something. this song rocks big time, if you want to show support for this artist then i suggest you get onto kazaa right now and download it. i feel really patriotic and i'm not even an american. i'm proud just to know a handful of them and watch all their exported TV shows.

anyway, with all these americans arguing with madge weinstein and faulsto about things on their websites, isnt it about time america 'stood as one'? madge has kind of spoilt it for me listening to her show at least twice a day as i keep singing 'USA - Americunt' to the chorus of this song. but i forgive her.

(i've now listened to this about 9 times - its really catchy!!)

heres the links again incase you are ignoring me, DOWNLOAD!!!!....
America - we stand as One - quicktime
America - we stand as One - Windows format


At 5:29 am, Blogger Adbak said...

God bless America

At 4:43 pm, Anonymous Timroth said...

Power Ballads Rock!!
I read that Def Leppard are touring with Bryan Adams mid year.
These guys had some power ballads.
Keep up the good work Roger.
Melbourne, Australia

At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so sad. No wonder you haven't got a girlfriend.

At 8:05 am, Anonymous Timroth said...

Hello Anonymous,

Do you have the courage to leave your name and right of reply?
Leave your email address so I can send you an email you gutless parasite.

At 9:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you call me a gutless parasite, you steaming pile of seagull guana

At 4:37 pm, Blogger Chicago Sheri said...

At 9:39 pm, Blogger Michael C. said...

Well it sure needs blessing... or better yet, something more constructive and reality-based.

The opening scenes at the beach got my hopes up that this would at least be a tasteful video, but I was soon dissapointed by the cheesy quasi-otherworldly schlocky symbolism of it all. Is that guy supposed to be a reincarnated George Washington posessed by Jeezus? ("I was gone, but now I've returned" or something)?

The remix Sheri posted is much more true-to-life and gets its point across in only 30 seconds or so.

This is no Cinderella "Don't Know What You Got ('Til it's Gone)" or Scorpions "Wind of Change"...

At 2:44 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

i prefered the original i must say. the new version has quite a lot of swearing in, fortunantly i dont have any children to be offended on their behalf. its still very clever though.

true, wind of change can never be beaten. but this music video is a breath of fresh wind blown in my face.

nice to hear from you adbak, timroth, sheri and micheal.

At 12:42 am, Anonymous R. said...

You were joking about that being Adam Sandler aka "man with bad teeth in the Wedding singer," right? Because it's not.


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