Thursday, April 14, 2005

why is it called a health club?

The gymnasium is swarming with really overweight unhealthy people like myself. The next time you go to the gym, sit in the whirlpool and overhear a scabby old women wearing a leopardskin bikini talk about missing her last four dermatology appointments it might be worth getting out immediatly, rushing home and violently scrubbing your skin with bleach immediatly like I've just had to. I feel violated. That leperous hag should wear a space suit the next time she feels like going out in public to mingle with ordianry decent clean members of society. such as myself.

And I thought women looked after their skin.

I thought the idea behind a health club is that they help people leave the confinds of their house and get them motivated enough to stop watching tv every night of the week. So our gym has installed a huge banks of TVs in every inch of all the rooms, along with a load of new sofas and armchairs, so that overwieght unhealthy people can sit and gorp for hours at a time and get in my way. Its a good job I dont have to pay for my gym membership fee, thats all i can say.

Its strange too that none of the TVs have sound, so they decide to put on MTV. what sense does a music video make without sound? i cant understand all the music videos these days, all the lights, patterns, colours and shapes disorintate me - I find it hard to decipher and decode their meaning without sound. I am perplexed. and my arms itch.

Darrel Hall and John Noakes - although they looked like a couple of sex offenders,these guys sure knew how to make a proper music video

The future of music videos? Not content with computers performing all the modern day music, now they get them to generate the videos too. And you now buy all your music using computers and listen to music on computers, whatever next? Some sort of robotic ears no doubt.


At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Timroth said...

Hello Roger,

Your Blog is looking good, I especially like the photo of Adam Curry's Cottage.
How many rooms does the Cottage have? 100 plus, just a guess.
How about some pics on bad acne face pics?
That should gross out a few people lol

At 9:16 am, Anonymous kruborg said...

Hey! There's nothing wrong with robotic ears. Now oil me, bitch!

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