Sunday, April 17, 2005

Podcast - Wired for Sound Close Up Competition

Get 'Closer to the music' with my 'Wired For Sound Close Up Competition' and win a CD walkman for listening to podcasts.

Thats right, I'm giving away literally a CD Walkman. Listen to my Wired for Sound Podcast for the full details, then all you have to do is guess what the four close up pictures below are of:

Picture one

Picture two

Picture three

Picture four

If you can guess what they are then email me your answers to You have until the 1st of May to guess. No friends or family are allowed to enter, so if you are one of my work collegues then please dont post any hints on the comments board. Anyway - good luck!!!!

Thanks to: Cliff Richard for the Wired for Sound Song -LISTEN NOW!


At 9:35 am, Anonymous kruborg said...

Picture 3 must be your mum's arse crack, surely


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