Sunday, April 24, 2005

thats it

i had a nice podcast on my phone that was using up all the memory. copied it off the phone to the computer and deleted it. spent the last hour and a half waiting for it to upload onto the rizzn server. rizzn server said that it had it. i deleted it off my computer as hard disc is full. tried to load it just now off the rizzn server, guess what? vanished. not only is it late but i was looking forward to doing a podcast. my feedburner audience figures were at 28 on friday, now they are down to 22. bet they'll be on 18 tommorow. whats the point?

roger is : - Pee'd off big time.

if you would like to help me then please go to the beard community website, I'm thinking of growing a beard to make me look older and more attractive to girls and women but cant decide on one. i've got about 2 weeks worth that now needs to go in a certain direction, as it is itching like crazy. a thick warm beard shows verility and wisdom in a man - "Cole2.jpg", "fourmonths.jpg" and "2002beardB.jpg"? ladies, what do you think?



At 5:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beards exist to hide herpes. Everyone's feedburner scores go down on the weekend significantly, because many people onlly check at work.

At 9:17 am, Anonymous Kruborg said...

beards are also great for catching bits of food. These can then be stored for weeks until such time they're needed again.


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