Thursday, April 28, 2005

Facilitate this!

Just about to go on the staff drink event in 20 minutes, waitin for my lift. there was talk in the canteen today that the line managers will be paying for drinks. aperently if we dont use up all our budget before the end of the month then we get less money next year. so managers can put all the drinks bills on something called a "team motivation event", both our teams are going tonight and we have over £700 to use up. there may be trouble ahead.....! it is interesting about using up the budgets, before christmas a team leader brought all his team laptops because he needed to get more money for this year. looking forward to tonight, i'd prefer a laptop instead of a few free drinks though!!! one day, when i get a cool job perhaps.

better dash and get changed into my going out clothes - i think tonight will be a late one! sorry about no blog entry yesterday, i'm notching up skype calls left right and center, i've got a nice lady who is from america on my skype friends list (u know who u are - S!!!). its a fun peace of software alright. shame they dont do videos.




At 9:10 pm, Anonymous Sherlock Jones said...

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