Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Installed Skype and it works on a modem!

Its' the Daily Smalls Code for April 27th 2005. i uninstalled skype a while back because it didnt work properly with a modems, but someone at work who uses it all the time said just turn off all the other programs running on the computer and it will work. so i've been tinkering around with it at the weekend and tonight and managed to get it working. the quality is pretty crackly with a modem but it works fine. i have found that i can save money on expensive microphones by plugging in my headphones into the microphone socket and talking loudly.

its a really good peice of software, and i hear loads of podcasting ppeople using it to call up guests. they all mention that they are having problems recording the skype conversions, i found by holding up my phone that i record my podcasts on to the computer soundblaster speaker that is playing skype it records fine.

its very exciting to use becuase it means you can look up girls on the internet and talk to them which is what i have been doing. most conversations i am having last roughly 2 minutes, although i did have a convestion with an australian man for about 5 minutes before he had to go. i am quite a shy person, this seems to be a good way to help confidence building. at the moment i am still experiemnting, becuase i cant run skype and ipodder at the same time it means i cant download podcasts (BAD!) and leave it on when i am up in my attic on the computer to receive calls. someone did call me when i left it on skype me and everything froze - thats some advice for modem users - be careful.

anyhow, i talk about how to use skype on my podcast incase yo havent used it before and give a quick demo of how to find women. its like 0898 numbers, but cheeper!!! plus i'm trying out a new server - didnt relise i got a load of space with NTLs dialup service for free. half of britain use NTL - they must have thousands of massive servers to store everyones homepages. let me know if things sound different on this server. it is a lot easier to upload onto this server than the webpage one of rizzn. i installed a programe called cute ftp but it seems overly complicated so i just type in my server address into the windows address bar and you can drag and drop the mp3 file straite into the folder. painless! if things are this easy then i'll be podcasting a lot more in future.


At 5:47 am, Anonymous Timroth said...

Hello Roger,
I just listened to your Skype call to Bangkok. It was great, but you did cross the line with asking if she is a prostitute.
I think you could be onto something here with these Skype calls. You could call it "Skype Bride". Roger calling the World looking for a Skype Bride.

It is always funny to go around the point. Keep the calls going Roger, believe me you are creating good material.


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