Tuesday, May 10, 2005

TV Police shows

i've been watching CSI recently, that tv show is very clever, theres nothing better than a good murder. the one thing i dont understand is how come the forsenic officers in real life dress up in a big white costume so they dont pollute the crime scene, whilst TV's CSI team always go in with their glamourous suits, giant big hairstyles, fancy trousers and a torch. they are always using torches, even though its broad daylight or they are standing next to a light switch. now i'm not an educated person, i;m roger smalls, but i know a waste of batteries when i see one. and another thing, all the policemen on that show drive expensive hummers (on their wages). the only police in this country who drive nice cars like that are obviously on the take. it sickens me. columbo. now thats what i call a detective.

An actual CSI person. Note the novel use of a clean white suit - he's actually wearing one. (is that a codpiece?)

CSI New Yorks' botox riddled Vanessa Ferlito. Hardly appropriate dress when there are corpses knocking around. mind you i wouldnt say no.

CSI New Yorks' boggly eyed Gary Sinese and Sarah Jessica Parker - if you combed her big curly ringlet permed hair you would solve 6 murders alone with all the evedence accumulated over the years. wear a hairnet you inaccurate accress.

no wonder the police are always jailing innocent people, they are polluting evidence with their hairspray, starch and lipstick. science was never glamourous at school, i work in a scientific envioronment and dont get so much as a wiff of totty, espeically Vanessa Ferlito lookalikes. Hattie Jacques more like.


At 4:16 pm, Blogger SJ said...

That is not Sarah Jessica Parker!

At 12:06 am, Blogger Moa said...

I just couldn't resist even though this is an old post by you, that is not sarah jessica parker, it's melina kanakaredes, so i guess you're not a fan of the show lol!

Though i do agree about the unrealistic's in it, suits and hair and all.


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