Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Podcast - Podcasting for Free

How to podcast for free? this was a question i was asking myself before i started doing all these. as i'm not exactly rolling in the greens i cant afford any clever equiptment, but lucky for me there is a lot of free software and easy to use tools out there to help. i thought i would describe the process i go through to do my totally free podcast.

Step 1 - Recording an mp3 - Either your mobile phone should have a voice notes / dictation feature. after you have recorded your podcast on this then you can use a cable to copy over your recording to the computer. either that or buy a microphone. you can plug your headphones into the microphone socket in the back of the computer and record but it sounds muffled. COST £0.00 as i already own a mobile phone

Step 2 - Start a blog - I recommend Its nice and easy to use for people like me. COST £0.00

Step 3 - Create your feedburner feed - Use the feedburner website to create your XML button - go to . COST £0.00

Step 4 - Upload your podcast - I recommend , slow but totally free. I would check out to see if the people who provide your internet dialup or broadband give you any space on their computer as they are a lot faster. COST £0.00

Step 5 - Post everything. Remember to say stuff that people might find interesting. I havent got a clue about what people want me to say so i just prattle on. Thats the thing though, there must be thousands of interesting people out there with a message / product - I would love to hear from them. COST £0.00


So my conclusion is that you can podcast for free, I have proved that there are free tools out there to do the job, and I dont know that much about the codes either. If I had a little money to spare I would like to buy a nice microphone and some box of tricks that means i can talk and play music and play those funny noises and laser beam sounds like commercial radio and Jan Polett. But for now I'm content with the quality, hope you all are too. I think its what you say, not how you say it.


At 1:14 pm, Blogger Rowley said...

Mmm, liked your comments about free podcasting.
Rizzn have just signed up to a KYORadio partnership and I will bet you that it will leave a nasty taste in your mouth when Rizzns podcasters are broadcast over the airwaves without them knowing. It wont be long before there is a caveat in the terms and conditions.
Rowley, a fellow UK Podcaster.

At 1:46 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

i see your point, but as its free i'm not going to complain because they are nice people trying to help give people like me a voice. its good in one way because it means you might have a bigger audience. if they are making money from it then so be it, at the end of the day they are giving me something so I should give them things in return.

i hope that this show i did last night helps encourage peple who think they cant afford to podcast or dont know anything about programming to podcast.

i think that podcasters talking about their new expensive equiptment can maybe be damaging to podcasting - it gives the impression that a podcaster needs to buy and understand all the complicated knobs and dials in order to do a good show. what do you think?

Roger, (also a member of the Britcaster website!!)

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